Where to Begin

Focus on what you want to do and how to get there. Explore your path and get to know the pharmaceutical industry.  Earn some experience and embark on your journey to your new career.


Volunteering your time within a medical or healthcare setting allows you to gain valuable experience, expand your professional network and identify potential career opportunities.  You may also have the chance to learn new skills and qualifications which you can later add to your resume.


Entry-level Role in a Medical Setting 

Begin developing experience towards your career in pharmaceuticals by stepping in to an entry-level position within a medical-related field part-time while completing your degree or during your summer breaks. Positions such as an administrative role in a medical office, a retail position within a pharmacy or a customer service role within a hospital setting allows you valuable experience in the medical field which may aid you in your pursuit and eventual transition in to a Pharmaceutical Sales position.  



A four-year Bachelor’s Degree or higher is a standard requirement needed to step in to a Pharmaceutical Sales role.  A specified major generally isn’t necessary, however; many of our Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives come from a sales, life sciences, business and/or marketing degree focus. Completing additional coursework in chemistry, biology and/or pharmacology offers great career preparation.



Completing an internship within the pharmaceutical industry and/or within the sales industry allows for real life exposure to the field along with gaining experience working alongside the sales team.  An intern’s duties may encompass a variety of sales and support activities which may include qualifying new accounts, traveling with the sales teams or assisting with product research.


Network with Healthcare Professionals

Connecting with your healthcare provider or pharmacist may be a good source for both networking and learning more about the industry.  Connect with these professionals on LinkedIn, or if their schedule allows, meet with them personally to conduct an interview.  The insight you gain from their prespective on the Representatives they interact with along with the expectations and deliverables required of the role can prove to be valuable knowledge to put forward in deciding if a job such as this is right for you.


Building a Track Record of Success

You’ve just received your Bachelor’s Degree and you’re interested in stepping in to a Pharmaceutical Sales career, but possess no medical sales experience.  Now what? Consider pursuing a business-to-business sales role wherein you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience and sharpen your skills in building and managing a territory, stepping in front of a decision maker and closing a sale.  Each of these skills is an important piece in what is needed to become successful in a Pharmaceutical Sales position.  Acquiring documented history of success in a business-to-business sales role will help give you that competitive edge when applying for future Pharmaceutical Sales opportunities.

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