We’re constantly looking for talented new team members to broaden our capabilities to serve our clients more effectively. Whether you’re an undergraduate entering the professional workforce, or a senior-level executive seeking new challenges, there is a place for you at Syneos Health Consulting. We hire candidates with a demonstrated inclination toward a fast pace, hard work and excellence in job performance and client satisfaction. As a specialized consulting firm, we hire candidates who have an interest and expertise in the biopharmaceutical and medical technology industries. 

At Syneos Health Consulting, we’re committed to development and advancement of all team members. The firm’s variety of projects ensures diverse learning opportunities—a hallmark of why candidates come to Syneos Health Consulting. Whether you’re a new consultant seeking development of fundamental consulting skills or a seasoned professional looking to refine consultative selling skills, you will find numerous ongoing opportunities to learn and grow here. 

What we seek

Because undergraduates often come to us with limited to no professional experience, we focus on identifying candidates who demonstrate strong critical and analytical thinking and a drive to work hard. We look carefully at academic performance, including induction into honor societies, independent research projects, extracurricular activities and other aspects of your academic career. All of these can be good indicators of personal drive and capacity to juggle multiple priorities. 

Due to our specialization in the biopharmaceutical and medical technology industries, candidates generally bring an undergraduate degree in management, marketing or medical science; however, this is not a necessity. If you’ve completed internships or other projects related to the healthcare industry, this is certainly of interest to us. 

Beyond strong academic performance, we also look at other “softer” skills to assess your ability to adapt to the rigors of a consulting career. Strong verbal and written communication skills, for example, are critical. The majority of our client deliverables—whether interim deliverables such as an interview guide or project status report, or a final PowerPoint deliverable— are written. As a result, you may be asked to complete assessments that evaluate not only critical thinking, but also your ability to write, organize and present information. We’ll be looking for an ability to think critically and solve complex business problems and a capacity to adapt with a team to new projects in a dynamic environment where no two days may be the same. 

What you'll gain

At the beginning of your consulting career, you’ll play a supportive role on consulting projects. For example, you’ll assist with planning and coordinating logistics of client meetings and interviews, including taking highly detailed notes. You’ll also assist with secondary research— collecting and calculating data and producing complete, well-organized and logical analyses. Your project manager may also look to you for support in developing recommendations that are compelling and actionable. 

To help prepare for his or her first consulting engagement, every consulting hire participates in our in-depth scenario-based training program, Accelerated Consultant Training (ACT). This program provides opportunities to learn, practice and apply the skills needed to do the job well. During your first year, primary focus is placed on refining fundamental consulting skills. You’ll learn to facilitate meetings effectively, use discussion guides to conduct and document client interviews, gather and analyze secondary research and use storyboarding to develop slides that effectively communicate the results of analyses. Mastering these skills will set you up for success as you advance through the consulting ranks. 

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