Standing Out

Share your story, spotlight your accomplishments, and display your strengths for your next interview through these preparation and presentation tips from our Recruiting team. We seek candidates who provide more value than what’s required and who differentiate themselves from the competition.  Demonstrate drive and don’t be shy to share your accomplishments.


University Sales Competitions

Taking part in your university’s or a national university sales competition may offer you the opportunity to hone your sales skills and gain some competitive advantage to display on your resume.  Participating in a competition such as these can help elevate your professional sales skills and development, as well as help you get noticed by recruiters. 


Professional Certifications

Certifications generally aren’t required for all Pharmaceutical Sales openings, but they may prove to be an asset in regards to building your industry and sales knowledge.  Certain national associations offer training courses along with a professional pharmaceutical sales certification. These courses may offer a more in depth study on pharmacology, selling, and medical terminology, along with industry guidelines and standards.


Building a Brag Book

A brag book is an excellent way to visually display your achievements during a formal interview, and a well-prepared book will help separate you from your competition. What you comprise in your brag book depends entirely on what you feel best promotes both your professional and educational accomplishments. Here are a few ideas on what you may want to include:

  • Resume 
  • Research you have conducted on the company and industry. Highlight the key points that interest you about Syneos Health, our client and their products. Utilize this as a reference during the interview
  • Accomplishments from college such as scholarships/academic awards, standout athletic accomplishments, leadership roles, research study involvement, etc.
  • Work history accomplishments such as commendations/recognition, customer service awards/achievements, letters from customers, etc.

After your interview, the Hiring Manager will return your Brag Book to you. At Syneos Health, it’s our policy to not keep a copy of any candidate’s Brag Book. Don’t take it as a sign that your interview went poorly! 


Cultivate your Social Media Presence

Creating and maintaining a strong professional online presence is another way to showcase your talent and accomplishments along with engaging in social media posts and conversations relating to the pharmaceutical industry.  Connecting and networking with current Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives will also allow you the advantage of cultivating relationships and formulating conversations around your career aspirations.  


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