Recent MBA Graduates

Your MBA may be backed up by an undergraduate degree in a scientific field such as biochemistry, biology or chemistry. Having been through the rigors of an MBA program, you understand how to adapt to constantly changing demands and multiple responsibilities. That experience has also made you no stranger to hard work, and this is a major quality we look for.

What we seek

Qualified candidates must demonstrate a positive attitude and the ability to roll up their sleeves and dive into an assignment. You will need to integrate business and industry knowledge and creatively develop client solutions and opportunities. You will also be expected to execute plans to address client problems as defined by the project manager, while providing actionable feedback to the project manager on recommendations and potential solutions.

Syneos Health Consulting employees must use effective analysis techniques to develop preliminary recommendations. Key insights, opportunities and threats should support preliminary recommendations that the project manager finds logical, compelling and actionable. Strong communication skills will be vital as you assist with leading, facilitating or presenting in meetings. You will independently identify questions and determine appropriate analyses that must be conducted. Leadership skills will be critical as you guide junior team members in producing complete, well-organized and logical deliverables.

What you'll gain

Unlike large firms that serve multiple industries, Syneos Health Consulting benefits from its dedicated focus on biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies. You will have the opportunity to amass considerable expertise in the vital, growing healthcare industry. Because of our smaller size relative to competitors, we also afford you the opportunity to contribute immediately. You will be part of a smaller but critical hiring of graduate candidates—not just one among hundreds, as might be felt in large consulting firms. You will be recognized from the start as a critical member of a team that is vested in your success.

You will work on a variety of projects with a broad range of clients. You will be able to explore the industry from many facets to discover where your skill set most aptly applies. Your advancement within Syneos Health Consulting will be facilitated by the development of strategic thinking skills. You will develop the ability to assess external factors and internal performance issues that impact the business and will learn to identify the key requirements for achieving growth within a practice area or region.

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