Our Collaborative Approach

Syneos Health Consulting is a strategic Business Line of Syneos Health, a global, top-tier, clinical and commercial professional services company. Being a part of the Syneos Health family offers many benefits including broad career paths and greater international presence. It also offers a key benefit to our clients and serves as a powerful differentiator for Syneos Health Consulting. Syneos Health offers best practices, processes and systems to enable biopharmaceutical clients to successfully navigate an increasingly complex operating environment. With more than 29,000 healthcare professionals servicing clients in 110 countries, we have helped to develop or commercialize 92% novel new drugs approved by the FDA and 91% of products granted marketing authorization by the EMA in a recent five-year period. So, we have the proven model to help drive products successfully from lab to life. 

Syneos Health Consulting is integral to the comprehensive Syneos Health story. Our expertise spans from clinical development guidance into commercialization support, optimizing clients’ medical affairs, market access and overarching commercial strategies. Our team also boasts the industry’s leading REMS & Program Management group.

Further, our global implementation capabilities are unmatched. When we help our clients develop an ambitious new strategy, we’re also able to offer them – via Syneos Health – the tools and personnel to put that strategy into action almost anywhere on Earth. Whether they need to conduct phase III clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific region, field a sales force in the US, or develop an advertising campaign in Europe, Syneos Health can do it. That capability makes Syneos Health Consulting more attractive as a strategic consulting partner, and it translates into more business.

As we’ve said before, more business, bigger projects and more strategic relationships mean more opportunities for you. Related to all of this, you will be able to take advantage of unparalleled opportunities to work across “company lines” with colleagues from Syneos Health, giving you great exposure to the “implementation side” and making you even more effective as a strategic consultant.

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