Mid Career Pharma or Consulting Professional

Having established yourself in the biopharmaceutical or medical technology industries, you may see consulting as a chance to harness that reserve of knowledge to broaden delivery across a wide range of companies, big and small, in a variety of functional areas. Or, perhaps you’re already working in consulting and have become disenchanted with your current company’s operating model or lack of significant growth opportunities. For example, you may be growing tired of extensive cross- country and/or international travel demands or having to split your focus on industries outside of life sciences.

What we seek

Qualified candidates will bring a demonstrated ability to apply core consulting skills including analysis, critical thinking, and development of strategic recommendations, project management and client management, to help clients achieve their business objectives. In addition, candidates at this level may hold a management position in the firm. As such, candidates will be expected to develop strategic plans for building the business. You will be able to assess external factors that may impact the size or nature of the opportunity for your practice area or region. You will also be able to identify areas of opportunity or improvement for service lines and be able to segment and prioritize the key markets for the practice.

A strong vision is key for developing compelling and motivating long-term goals. You will work with the local senior leadership team to develop a staffing plan in support of growth objectives. It will then be necessary to develop a forecast based on the staffing plan and ensure that the forecast is clearly communicated to all team members. Creativity combined with a strong understanding of the needs of the industry will be critical in the development of service lines. The performance of service lines will need to be monitored and assessed on an ongoing basis, and you will work with executive management to identify growth opportunities. You will be expected to maintain up-to-date versions of key service line components and selling collateral and you will lead engagements to train project leaders/managers, gaining firsthand experience of howthe service line performs in the field.

What you'll gain

For the industry professional, consulting presents a change of pace and the opportunity to work with more companies and products on a broader set of challenges. The nature of consulting work means you will have the opportunity to expand your influence, leveraging your expertise to develop solutions and service lines that can benefit the industry as a whole. For the seasoned consulting professional, Syneos Health Consulting offers the opportunity to transition to an organization where you have more of an opportunity to chart your own course, whether that’s developing a new service line, “owning” an account, enhancing the firm’s position in a regional market or taking on a leadership role.

Syneos Health Consulting has a singular focus on the life science industry and an accounts-based model that limits the amount of travel required and allows consultants to achieve a better work-life balance. Despite its modest size, Syneos Health Consulting is capable of successfully competing against far larger firms by performing stellar work for the leading companies in the biopharmaceutical and medical technology industries. Most importantly, you will enter a true meritocracy, where your contributions and hard work are recognized and rewarded.

Your experience at Syneos Health Consulting will hone your ability to think strategically and demonstrate innovative problem solving. You will be able to integrate business knowledge and industry expertise in developing creative client solutions and opportunities. You will also develop the ability to lead the creation of new or improved methods, models, templates and tools that support practice area services.

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