MA or MS, MD, PharmD, PhD and Mph Candidates

As you approach a career in consulting with a PharmD, MPH, or MD or with an MA/MS or PhD degree in a field such as microbiology, immunology, biochemistry or neuroscience, you may have come to the conclusion that the traditional career path in the sciences is not offering you the ability to truly influence development in the pharmaceutical industry. You may seek a deeper understanding of and ability to offer guidance in therapeutic areas, disease paths, physiology and mechanisms of action. With Syneos Health Consulting, you can achieve these goals, while increasing business acumen gained from exposure across products and across companies.

What we seek

Academic credentials have established your scientific pedigree, but the best-qualified candidate for us must also be particularly capable of interfacing with scientific and business professionals. We, therefore, seek candidates who are particularly able to articulate and present complex concepts in either a scientific or a business context. Capacity or proven experience in translating complex scientific information and approaches into practical solutions for clients is a key characteristic that we look for.

Your position within Syneos Health Consulting will require you to conduct, compile and analyze secondary research. You will conduct and document interviews according to a project plan and serve as a support resource for interviews with senior-level clients or external experts. You will identify key insights, opportunities and threats and be expected to demonstrate the ability to integrate business and industry knowledge to creatively develop client solutions. We believe this work is what science experts who wish to influence business outcomes find to be most rewarding.

What you'll gain

Instead of devoting the next 15 years of your life to advancing a single product through clinical trials, consulting provides the opportunity to leverage your scientific training to provide guidance to a wide variety of clients who require very specific therapeutic area or disease area expertise, allowing you to make a major contribution to the advancement of medicine. In your consulting role at Syneos Health Consulting, you will learn the business side of the industry and how to help clients translate their innovative, scientific breakthroughs into commercial success.

In addition, you’ll refine your project, teamwork and risk management skills as you move up the consulting ranks from an individual contributor into a management role. Finally, you’ll also begin to broaden your personal network of contacts within the industry, which will be immensely beneficial—wherever your long-term career takes you.

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