Learning and Development

At Syneos Health, our employees own and are inspired by their work. Here, we aspire to build a fulfilling career and advance past the job we were initially hired for. Developing a career is an active process of assessment, enhancement and change; it requires employees who have perseverance, self-discipline and are adaptive. We partner with our employees every step of the way during their professional journey, giving them the support and direction needed to help grow a meaningful career.




Syneos Health believes in a learning partnership model wherein we provide our employees structure, processes and resources for development.  One form of the learning partnership that we encourage is fostering a mentoring collaboration. Having a mentor means you can use the knowledge of a supportive professional to help you learn to work more efficiently, actualize your skills, understand your career objectives and align them with organizational goals. Within Syneos Health, we offer you the guidelines needed to seek out and network with colleagues, managers and fellow experts in their field who show an interest in you and your career. We encourage mentors to invest the time to explain what it takes to move up within the company, aid you in your transition and offer guidance towards the proper path to take in your career development. Mentors can help you become more engaged and reach the next level by providing resources, insights, knowledge, and advice in taking ownership of your achievements and making sure others recognize your impact on the organization and your desire for advancement.


On-the-Job Training 

We recognize empowerment is the key to success. Our employees have the ability to polish vital skills and utilize the unique talents that will get them noticed. We partner with our employees to develop embedded learning opportunities into their everyday work, warranting a seamless form of training while giving them the ability to gain continuous education, expand skills and shape their professional growth. Taking advantage of training opportunities while on the job can allow employees the chance to build depth and breadth in their experiences. We encourage our employees to work with their managers and seek out those learning potentials within the workplace.


E-Learning Opportunity

Our goal is to provide resources to enable employees to clearly define their career aspirations and drive their career. You’ll have access to Syneos Health Learning Solutions - the industry’s largest library of off-the-shelf distance learning, including more than 200 e-courses designed to improve the effectiveness of industry professionals. Our online learning portal empowers you to drive your professional growth and development. Our Syneos Health-wide and business-specific individualized courses and programs provide you opportunities to seek skill and career development. This robust online learning portal offers a variety of individualized e-courses and programs where employees can automate their individual development plan and collaborate with their manager to determine which activities/training courses are best for their ideal career path.


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