Diversity And Inclusion

We inspire each other. Our colleagues are strategic thinkers who actively seek different perspectives, whether across offices or across oceans. We are continuously building the company we all want to work for and our customers want to work with. Our people power our business, and attracting and retaining top talent is critical to achieving our growth objectives. To support these efforts, we are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and safe environment that fosters innovation and professional growth. We focus our efforts on three areas:

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that addressing complex healthcare challenges requires contributions from diverse viewpoints and an inclusive space where each individual is able to thrive. Syneos Health is built on equal opportunity, fair employment and recruiting practices, and a culture that celebrates a spectrum of values and perspectives — creating richer experiences that benefit employees, customers and patients.

Health & Safety

Achieving excellence in health and safety is a company-wide responsibility. We are committed to engaging in employment practices that foster dignity and respect and meet the highest legal and ethical standards.

Growth & Recognition

As a services company, our employees fuel our business and we realize that motivated and engaged employees are the single biggest driver of our success. Recognizing our employees and providing them with growth opportunities is at the core of our culture.


Our People



Our Employee Resource Groups

We know companies who are leaders in inclusion, equality and diversity are more likely to be high performing, able to embrace change, and achieve better business outcomes. Why? Because when we bring together diversity of thought, backgrounds, cultures and perspectives – we’re able to build a place where everyone feels like they belong – we can focus our time, talents and experience on tackling the toughest problems in our industry. One of the ways we’re bringing this to life is with our own Employee Resource Group (ERG) communities – created by employees and led by employees. We are actively working to build these groups internally and we invite you to follow our journey.

  • Women

    Syneos Health is dedicated to attracting, hiring, and developing women across our global footprint. Our team is comprised of 66% female employees with 55% of women in a director or above role. Women play an important role at Syneos Health and that is why we make certain they feel supported in everything they do here.

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  • Veterans

    Syneos Health believes that by developing an inclusive and dynamic work setting, we can build a stronger company. We invest in hiring and developing veterans as we value the unique experience, skills, discipline and leadership they bring to our global Syneos Health team.

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  • Early Career

    We're committed to supporting and cultivating the future generation of Syneos Health employees. Like you, Syneos Health is looking towards the future. We understand that working hard and making smart decisions is key to building a solid path to an accomplished career. To help foster our developing professionals, we offer this networking opportunity to partner with a diverse community of emerging leaders.

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Our Partners

Diversity and inclusion provide the foundation for our business model, which is fueled by collaborative efforts from diverse viewpoints aligned with our goal of accelerating therapies to patients. This extends to our supplier network — we believe that having a diversified portfolio of vendors provides access to experts with a broad range of experiences and varied perspectives, resulting in the delivery of innovative solutions for our customers and the patients we serve. With this in mind, we strive to maintain an inclusive and fair environment where all suppliers have equal opportunity to compete for business and support our customers.








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