A Day in the Life of a Medical Science Liaison

Our Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) provide non-promotional, disease state and product specific information and medical support that help to ensure the safe and effective use of our client's medicines through scientific interactions. In addition, our MSLs are part of a team responsible for educating health care providers about our client's disease state and products, resolving medical information inquiries in order to provide the highest level of understanding, and ensuring effective communication and coordination across multifunctional teams.

  • What would a typical day look like for a Syneos Health Medical Science Liaison?

    Days are fast-paced and ever changing: no two days are alike. Flexibility and the ability to prioritize your day is important. Because your role is to stay in contact with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or External Experts (EEs) to discuss the latest data and continuing research regarding the client's product, you will need to spend parts of your day honing your scientific and medical knowledge. You will build partnerships and conduct ongoing scientific dialogue through meetings with KOLs and healthcare providers (HCPs). These partnerships will allow you to better understand their perspectives as well as report on observations and insights obtained from these conversations which in turn will help improve the utilization of our client's product in that given disease state. Your responsibilities may also span into identifying clinical sites, working within investigator initiated trials, developing scientific documents and/or conducting payer presentations.

  • What education/professional background is needed for this position?

    A doctorate degree including PharmD, PhD, and/or MD is required. For many positions, post-graduate and previous clinical experience is required, with a strong preference for previous MSL experience.

  • How do the MSLs manage their territory and build relationships?

    All of our MSLs are responsible for managing an assigned territory or region, and posses the ability to travel including overnight stays. Travel may fluctuate between 60-70% and territory coverage usually spans across multiple states. Because our MSLs are presenting complex scientific information to a wide variety of audiences, you must possess strong communication skills with the ability to build solid relationships.

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