A Day in the Life of a District Sales Manager

Our District Sales Managers are strong leaders and coaches eliciting the best from Sales Representatives within their specified geographical area.  Through guidance and feedback, our Managers sharpen their team's selling strategies and relationship building skills to ensure we exceed our client's expectations.  In partnership with our clients, our District Sales Managers develop and implement a marketing plan to maximize customer engagement within their designated region.

  • What would a typical day look like for a Syneos Health District Sales Manager?

    Our District Sales Managers spend a large quantity of their time in and out of the field working closely with Sales Representatives to coach and develop their skillsets and overall performance.  Analyzing sales and call activity data is critical to providing feedback and strategies for an individual's success within their territory.  A typical day for our Managers may involve regularly scheduled field coaching ride trips with their Representatives and partnering with them on their calls to build strong customer relationships. District Sales Managers are typically in their home office about 1 to 2 days per week.  These days are spent communicating with management and marketing.  Depending on the partnership, some of our Managers are required to travel extensively including overnight stays.

  • What education/professional background is needed for this position?

    A Bachelor’s Degree is required for our District Sales Manager positions. You must also have previous pharmaceutical sales ladership experience.  We strongly prefer our District Sales Managers to have previous experience in marketing and training.

  • Building a territory and relationships

    Our best District Sales Managers build thriving relationships with their Sales Representatives based on trust, respect, and team-based values.  Our Managers must possess the know how to manage budgets, monitor all field activity within their district as well as ensure their team is building exceptional customer relationships and working towards the achievement of organizational goals.  District Sales Managers are also active in all recruiting, interviewing, hiring and staffing of their team.

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