A Day In The Life Of A Clinical Educator

Our Clinical Educators participate in educational activities that support disease understanding and increase knowledge about the safe and effective use of our client's therapies. Clinical Educators provide clinical expertise to healthcare providers and patients through utilization of their clinical skills and education, helping them to improve patient outcomes. They may be field-based or telephonic and may offer direct education and support to patients and/or to an HCP office engaging in peer to peer discussions.

  • What would a typical day look like for a Syneos Health Clinical Educator?

    Our Clinical Educators work in many different settings including providing live and telephonic trainings within HCP offices, training and educating patients in their homes or connecting with patients telephonically. Though the settings in which they work may differ, their daily responsibilities are fairly similar. Our Clinical Educators carefully prepare for their days ahead and are responsible for focusing on disease state and/or product/device education.

    For those Clinical Educators working within a healthcare setting, their daily responsibilities may revolve around educating the staff on both clinical and operational aspects of appropriate patient identification, providing educational programs for the professional staff, as well as compliantly working in partnership with marketing team members on profiling customer accounts and resolving customer issues.

    Those Clinical Educators, who work directly, either in the field or telephonically, with the patient population provide direct education and support for the patient. The Clinical Educator may assist the patient with in-home training of prescribed medical treatments and continued follow up with the patient at predetermined intervals during the therapeutic process to ensure patient comfort and confidence.

  • What education/professional background is needed for this position?

    Most of our positions require a Bachelor’s Degree along with an active Registered Nurse licensure in the state in which you are deployed. For in-home training positions, an active license is required within each state in which you conduct training.

    An advanced clinical or business degree may be preferred, such as a Master's of Science Degree in Nursing (MSN), Nurse Practitioner Degree (NP) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

  • How do the Clinical Educators manage their territory and build relationships?

    All of our Clinical Educators are responsible for managing an assigned territory or region and possess the ability to travel with overnight stays. Our Clinical Educators prepare an efficient route that includes predetermined appointments where they may interact daily with HCP offices and their staff along with patients in their home or in group settings. They must have the ability to speak about and provide education on specified disease state therapy and device requirements to both populations. Because of this, strong communication skills and the ability to build solid relationships, is a must.

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