Vice President, Program Strategy

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Updated: May 24, 2022
Location: London, ENG, United Kingdom
Job ID: 141467

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The program strategist is a unique role at Syneos Health. It focuses on building modern customer engagement plans by leveraging data and behavioral science to understand current healthcare professional and patient behaviors and then bringing the omnichannel tools and resources of Kinetic to bear to influence or inform future choices and changes.


The role can be deeply embedded in a client’s strategy but also has a strong focus on growth, actively working with potential clients to imagine new possibilities and position specific Kinetic products.


The strategist is a deft navigator of omnichannel resources, experts, and case experience. They take in input from expert teams in intelligence, experience and performance to help reimagine customer experiences based on intent and actions expressed across channels and then work with clients and omnichannel specialists to optimize the programs over time.


Strategists are focused on experimental design. They initiate upfront validation of data-driven audience hypotheses about current audiences’ mindsets and the drivers, reach and frequency needed to amplify or change natural wiring and continue proactively driving experimentation over time. This role works to hone modern insights activation plans with nimble research and customer co-creation and then moves quickly into in-market activation and experimentation to optimize impact.


The professionals who excel in this role are fascinated by human behavior. They work with our dedicated behavioral scientists to infuse unique understandings of what leads people to resist or embrace healthcare change throughout each individual healthcare journey or relationship.


Strategists play a critical role in the growth of the practice. They strategically position solutions and capabilities of Kinetic and its partners to envision and develop market opportunities for Syneos Health by proactively and responsively engaging with clients at key influencer levels to anticipate and shape demand for Kinetic products & services.

Kinetic is a new divison, our modern customer engagement capability built to address business-critical challenges and create more meaningful healthcare interactions. By deploying advanced targeting, analytics and the latest technologies, Kinetic connects intelligence across channels, platforms and content and makes fully integrated omnichannel solutions accessible to healthcare organizations. Kinetic is powered by a team of data scientists, behavioral experts and channel strategists. Together we deepen insights into customer behavior that make more personally relevant communications possible, optimizing business performance by achieving greater precision, efficiency and effectiveness. Kinetic is a new internal technology resource that serves all of Syneos.   

Kinetic is the best of both worlds, a fast growing tech start-up within all the resources of a Fortune 1000 global pharmaceutical company.


  • Drive Growth: Directly prioritize and develop new business opportunities and coach partners across our unique clinical-commercial organization on how to most effectively integrate Kinetic products in their value propositions
  • Design Solutions: Work with onshore and offshore experts + industry-leading data to support the development of customized solution design for new opportunities and in-line clients.
  • Build Activation Plans: Develop modern omnichannel plans built on the backbone of key Kinetic products. Consistently improve those plans based on data-driven insight. Uncover current customer behaviors and the specific channels, messages, and tailored approaches that have the potential to affect them.
  • Fuel Experimentation:  Work with SMEs across the team to proactively recommend specific in-market experiments that can fuel customer knowledge and increase performance.
  • Convene Experts: Be constantly curious about what others have learned and bring people -- clients, professionals, colleagues – together to unpack knowledge, share insights and drive to next.
  • Lead the Industry: Build thought leadership and perspectives that point the way to actively evolving healthcare communications. Collaborate with other business units to translate those ideas into unique value propositions. Be ready to write the first draft.

Job Requirements

  • 10+ years’ experience working in a data-centric business environment
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience with modern life sciences commercial programs ( multi-channel / omni-channel ) incorporating both digital and personal channels. Familiarity w life sciences CRM ( Veeva ) marketing automation ( Adobe or Salesforce a plus)
  • Demonstrated successful experience working with advanced analytics / data science (Adobe or Salesforce a plus)
  • Campaign management experience with some combination of email, website, search, social and/or digital media programs a plus.
  • Prepared to “roll up sleeves” and commit to learning about key omnichannel capabilities and technology platforms: specifically, digital media; marketing automation; life sciences CRM
  • Curiosity and energy around the change happening in customer engagement
  • Experience leading strategy with clients large and small
  • Enthusiasm for working seamlessly with internal subject matter experts
  • Confidence in bringing forward proactive answers, asking difficult questions and managing through change
  • Ability to interpret analytics and apply to business decisions
  • Strong communication skills and an ability to break down complex information into relevant and digestible points for both colleagues and clients
  • Provocative presentation style and confidence in front of a camera or in front of a room
  • Obsession with understanding client business strategies, decoding markets and identifying new opportunities
  • Ability to inspire confidence through working knowledge and collaboration skills
  • Resilience to deliver over the long haul

I understand that if I am made an offer of employment, it will be conditioned on my demonstration  I am fully vaccinated OR I plan to initiate vaccination by my start date AND be fully vaccinated within 4 weeks of start date against the COVID-19 virus.   

IMPORTANT: I understand that if the role for which I am applying requires extensive in-person contact with colleagues, health care providers, clients and other medical professionals who have stringent vaccination requirements that all Syneos Health employees with whom they partner be fully vaccinated and will not accept or consider any exemptions.  I understand I can request an exemption from Syneos Health’s vaccination requirement based on a qualifying medical condition or sincerely-held religious belief. However, in the event that I successfully obtain an exemption, I understand that it is highly unlikely that I will be able to adequately perform the essential functions of this position without imposing an undue hardship on Syneos Health due to the clients’ demands.

At Syneos Health, we believe in providing an environment and culture in which our people can thrive, develop and advance. We reward and recognize our people by providing valuable benefits and a quality of life balance.

Why Syneos Health? Join a game-changing global company that is reinventing the way therapies are developed and commercialized. Here, you’re empowered to exceed your sales goals with the autonomy you need to over deliver. We’re dedicated to creating better, smarter, faster ways to get biopharmaceutical therapies to patients. Syneos Health has launched more sales teams in the last 5 years across all major Therapeutic Areas than the top 25 pharma companies combined. By joining Syneos Health, you’ll be connected to our multitude of career paths and pipeline of employment opportunities.

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Syneos Health companies are affirmative action/equal opportunity employers (Minorities/Females/Veterans/Disabled)

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