Freelance Account Supervisor

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Updated: August 5, 2020
Location: Westerville, OH, United States
Job ID: 126513


GSW Columbus is hiring a Freelance Account Supervisor.

“Do you speak people?”

It’s a language many healthcare companies have forgotten - a simple clear way to communicate great ideas that break through because everyone can understand it. No Jargon. No lingo. No catch phrase of the day. We are GSW and speaking people is at the core of everything we do. We are a healthcare advertising agency that thinks just a bit differently, works just a bit closer and dives just a bit deeper. And because we talk to each other like people, instead of a corporate machine, we come up with great ideas that talk to clients and customers on the most effective level of all - the human level.

Speaking people isn’t easy. But if you can do it, we need to talk.


  • Orchestrates completion of the scope of services with clients, overseeing work of SAEs
  • Serves as key source of information for creative team and conduit to brand team
  • Hones brand problem-solving skills, ensuring solutions are delivering on stated brand objectives
  • Fiscally responsible for managing scope and sharing monthly reconciliations with client
  • Serves as primary point of contact for (multiple) brand team members

Functional External Responsibilities:

  • Tactic management – provides oversight over a multitude of tactics; ensures work is initiated with clients and is moving through system
  • Tactic conception/shaping – able to lead internal team through early stages of tactic creation, including project brief review and concept work; ensures that the tactics developed fit into an
    existing strategy
  • Budget management – ensures needs of the client and the overall designated scope are being properly allocated and adjusted throughout the year (recons) and input into forecasting for GSW

 Capabilities and Agency Responsibilities:

  • Has a working knowledge of the digital landscape and implications to customers, content strategy and communication planning
  • Demonstrated aptitude for working within a multi-functional team.
  • Works with more diverse client players (IT, medical, regulatory, etc.), protecting the relationship, engendering trust, anticipating problems, providing solutions
  • Stays current with brand information (data, strategy, competitive dynamics), effectively communicating and delivering on the brand’s strategic goals/objectives.
  • Understands the nuances of pharma marketing industry (how products come to market, the role communications plays and how products are sold)

Competencies/Soft Skills:

  • Makes the agency a better place by showing interest beyond assigned accounts or projects; supports non-client agency initiatives.
  • Is a team player on all fronts.
  • Supervises, mentors and leads with inspiration, motivation and coaching. Not only in job performance, but in meeting career and professional goals as well
  • Performs well under pressure and is adaptable to change.
  • Effectively manages and oversees more than one workstream at a time; can switch back and forth between activities of varying complexity.
  • Possesses strong communication skills, both verbal and written (writing and editing).
Proactively anticipates and manages challenges related to budget and timing.

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in a related field plus:
• 3+ years relevant client experience in marketing or healthcare or other related disciplines or,
• 3+ years relevant agency side experience or,
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
• Experience with Adobe Profession preferred

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