Jr. Verbal Branding Associate

Updated: February 24, 2020
Location: Charlotte, NC, United States
Job ID: 8449

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Invent highly creative brand names using experience in etymology, linguistics, and word play


Generate impactful, innovative, break-through on-strategy names, brand lines, brand drivers, and other verbal branding deliverables.

Manage brand names through trademark, URL, and other legal screening processes.

Help develop client deliverables in the form of CSRs, project summaries and list generations.


Participate in brainstorming sessions; provide support to verbal branding associates who are leading brainstorming sessions

Compile and refine rationale and pronunciations for naming lists.


Job Requirements

Have a thorough understanding of the name development, screening and presentation process.

Promote understanding of naming and nomenclature strategy and its relevance in marketing.

Provide overall support to verbal branding associates and the verbal branding department as a whole.

Offer support and coverage across the organization as an extension of Verbal Branding to fulfill the company’s overall objectives.

Maintain a presence as a positive addition to the organization and supporter of Operational and Corporate initiatives to benefit company growth
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