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Updated: November 1, 2019
Location: Santa Monica, CA, United States
Job ID: 4422

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GSW is looking for a talented, creative and energetic Technology Lead to join our LA team.

A Creative Technology Lead will work closely with the art, strategy, ux and development teams to help drive innovation and produce beautiful cutting-edge experiences.

This position will focus on front-end development, however an understanding of the back-end is desirable.  As such, the candidate should have a solid working knowledge and ability to execute on modern web frameworks such as Bootstrap/Foundation & boilerplate.  Along with that, having expertise in leveraging build scripts, managing SSL procurement, managing GIT repositories are an absolute must.

Experience in web animation (GSAP, WebGL, Three.js), Unity platform and animation platforms such as After Effects is a requirement. This job is within the Creative Technology department, and candidates should have a wealth of experience in creating web and app-based visual experiences that go beyond a traditional website.

The candidate possesses superb verbal and written communication skills and is a proven leader in their field. Teamwork and collaboration amongst agency peers is a must, as is a history of successful team management. Part of this director level role will be educating and guiding junior team members.


Client Management:

Candidate will often be asked to field questions from the client in person, on calls or via email.  In addition, candidate will be active in new business pitches and selling through exciting concepts to existing clients.

Communication Skills:

Excellent verbal and written skills. Must be able to interact and collaborate on an individual or group setting. Able to escalate issues, both technical and timing, in a professional and clear manor.

Explain sensitive and complicated issues such as graceful degradation / cross-browser compatibility to other non-technical teams such as account and production.

Project Management/Execution:

Accurately predict development timelines, be able to stick to them and react quickly to change. Ability to "own" a project by helping to identify missing pieces and solutions.

Advertising Skills:

Understand at a deep level the nature of the advertising industry. Things move quickly, ideas are fluid and need to be guided home in a calm, professional and optimistic manor.

People/Teamwork/Corporate Citizenship:

Must be a good communicator with people both above and below. The Creative Technology Lead will be an agency ambassador and tech evangelist - a friendly/open working relationship with team members and vendor partners is an absolute must.  In addition, excellent team management skills are a must.

Delegated Authority:

Assume a multitude of delegation scenarios based on project requirements.  It could be a self-managed, one-person show, or it may be a larger initiative where the candidate is managing a team of developers and ux designers.

Job Requirements

• Bachelors degree. Computer Science Degree Preferred, or comparable experience

• 8+ years of experience within digital advertising

• Expert in OO JS, HTML, CSS3, mobile best practices, Unity 3D and After Effects

• Experience using GSAP/TweenMax, Three.js, D3.js, and other interactive/animation platforms.

• Experienced in using LESS/SASS, leveraging gulp/grunt/webpack for builds.

• Expertise in working with GIT, both on an individual level and with teams.

• Working understanding of back-end programming.  LAMP and Node.js are a plus.

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