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Updated: May 21, 2019
Location: Columbus, OH, United States
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The Account Director role is an incredibly important role within Client Management. The role is either leading a smaller account with minimal oversight assuming responsibility for client satisfaction with GSW OR it is as a leader of a portion of a very large account assuming responsibility for the client satisfaction with GSW for that portion of the business. This means that the AD is responsible for owning relationships at many levels to ensure that GSW delivers strategically and creatively, leads the team’s execution on strategy and successfully manages financials for GSW and for the client. 


At GSW, “we speak people” and do so by embracing 4 specific behaviors, Mosh, Flex, Rise and Own. Below are some key responsibilities that the Account Director should possess:

• Build/foster relationships with clients and colleagues, provide value as a consultant on objectives and needs
• Demonstrate aptitude for leading/managing a multi-functional team; sometimes this will include identifying desired team structure and modifying to optimize team performance and/or enable members to pursue growth opportunities within GSW
• Knowledge of tactics within the scope –their brand-building impact and general timing
• Empower reports to thrive in their role at GSW
• Partner with Creative and Strategy leads to create high performing client solutions
• Supervise and mentor Client management staff by motivating, coaching and consistently providing feedback and supporting the individual’s career development

• Create connections to client team members that allows insight into brand strategy, client culture
• Assess client satisfaction with GSW deliverables periodically (this could be overall or on specific deliverables)
• Support team with problem-solving skills that remove barriers to success
• Engage and/or inform senior leaders within GSW appropriately
• Commit to continuous learning by setting and pursuing career goals
• Assist in writing and provide strategic insight on marketing/tactical/communication plans for clients
• Oversee budgetary management of the overall scope of services
• Consistently produce timely, high quality internal and external communication

• Flexibility
• Perform well under pressure, and is adaptable to constant change
• Time/Task/Organizational Management
• Effectively executes more than one task (or team) at a time; can switch back and forth between activities of varying complexity
• Able to deal comfortably, rationally with conflict situations
• Proactively anticipate and manage challenges that impact client satisfaction with GSW

Job Requirements

The Account Director should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field plus:
• 5+ years relevant client experience in marketing or healthcare or other related disciplines or,
• 5+ years relevant agency side experience or,
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
• Experience with Adobe Professional preferred

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