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Updated: February 14, 2019
Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
Job ID: 1427

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Making a difference in cancer patient's lives is Navicor's passion.


Navicor, a healthcare agency specializing in oncology, located in Philadelphia is seeking a Senior Copywriter. The role will be responsible for providing strategic messaging for all assigned brands and projects, developing promotional campaigns through targeted promotional messages. 

The position is a hands-on contributor who can quickly and efficiently develop original copy solutions for collateral, Web sites, ads, sales tools, promotions, TV, radio, and other marketing materials. The Senior Copywriter also routinely conceptualizes creative solutions with the Art Director and account partners.


- Executes creative thinking and content choices: - 
- Thinks strategically and develops concepts/solutions for assigned brands. 
- Distills significant amounts of messaging into succinct body copy and creative communications. 
- Writes compelling, effective copy and ensures that the appropriate style of written or verbal communication is used (presentation vs detailing vs narrative copy). 
- Demonstrates thorough knowledge of assigned therapeutic categories and pharmaceutical marketing restrictions/requirements. 
- Assists in workload management when needed: - Collaborates with Medical Specialist to analyze clinical data and interpret product research insightfully and creatively. 
- Demonstrates mastery of manuscript submission process, including referencing and regulatory details of assigned products. (May vary from account to account.) 
- Interacts with clients
- Assists in presenting creative ideas and solutions to clients. 
- Advises clients on written and verbal communication recommendations and issues.

Job Requirements

• Minimum of 5-7 years as a copywriter, and/or demonstrated accomplishments in work and talent
• Proficiency in critical software—primarily Microsoft Word
• Ability to manage the creative process, workflow, and workload as part of the copy group
• Conceptual creativity a plus: Ability to think in abstract terms; can make connections between unrelated notions; can formulate innovative ideas where others cannot; can collaborate with an art partner in brainstorming sessions
• Understanding and Implementing Direction: Can understand creative direction based on objectives and executes creative work effectively. Communicates workload appropriately based on skill sets and talents; communicates well with others on workload issues & needs, the progress of work and results 
• Industry Application: Picks up on technical things quickly; is good at learning new industry, company, product, and/or technical knowledge developments of the client's business as well as the agency business; has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment

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