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Updated: November 28, 2018
Location: New York, NY, United States
Job ID: 512

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This is a temporary position with the Creative Studio in
New York City, NY. The chosen candidate is responsible for
highlighting client deliverables through innovative motion-graphic
design. The ideal candidate will be a visual thinker
with a fresh and current design aesthetic, interested in bringing brand
stories to life.

They will collaborate within creative and production teams to develop
an artistic vision, and work effectively and efficiently to produce fresh,
meaningful content for a variety of purposes. Their unique blend of
artistic and technical skill will ensure the highest level of creative
excellence and production quality in all projects.



• Understand aesthetics and produce work with the proper
balance between innovation and brand voice
• Provide a unique creative point-of-view within group
brainstorms to help develop ideas
• Interpret scripts, ideas and storyboards in innovative ways,
translating concepts into compelling video productions
• Assist in designing and creating storyboards
• Design and deliver persuasive, brand-appropriate motion
graphics to enhance the story and viewing experience
• Control plot content, flow, and timing while editing audio and
video assets into a cohesive story
• Retouch, correct, and color-grade video content
• Maintain visual quality throughout post-production, insuring all
elements remain intact or are enhanced as needed
• Deliver final projects through a variety of systems and video


• Advanced graphic design and typography skills coupled with
the ability to weave a meaningful and compelling story
• Artistic vision with a can-do attitude
• Self-motivated, highly organized, collaborative, and able to
create in a fast-paced and growing environment
• Work effectively with minimal crew in pursuit of creative
• Exceptional communication skills, tact, and diplomacy with the
ability to gracefully give, accept, and act upon direction
• Excellent time management and multi-tasking skills with a
proven record of completing projects on time and within budget
• Juggle multiple projects and tight schedules without sacrificing
quality or composure
• Acute attention to detail with a no-compromise attitude towards
• Well-rounded and adept at problem solving, including
contingency planning for what could go wrong
• Make quick, instinctive, proper decisions when things do not go
as planned
• Remain current on industry trends and styles, able to integrate
new technique and/or technology when appropriate

Job Requirements

• Minimum 5-7 years of hands-on motion graphics and video
editing experience, college degree or equivalent business
• Experience working directly in a high-volume, fast-paced,
constantly changing agency and studio environment is a must
• Creative video reel showcasing specific skills listed above
Expert knowledge of:

• Apple based hardware
• Non-linear editing - Adobe Premier, Audition, Photoshop, Final
Cut Pro
• 2D/3D motion graphics – After Effects, Cinema 4D (animation,
composition, VFX, title sequencing)
• Color grading – Speed Grade or equivalent software
• Post-production workflows, appropriate media formats, and
optimizing video for various outputs

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